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Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog Breeder
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CRK's Texas Drake of TOK
2011 National Grand Champion
2012  Adult Champion
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CRK's Blue Bonnet of TOK
2012  Adult Champion
Available for Stud
About Us  

Texas Outback Kennels is a top breeder of the rare Alapaha
Blue-Blood Bulldog.  Texas Outback Kennels breeding
program is based on the ABBA breed standard.

Here's Our Story
Hi, I am Ken and I have been a dog lover since I was a kid.
I grew up around tons of animals and have owned several
breeds of dogs. I was always looking for just the right
companion. I had small kids, so I needed to find a dog that was
good with children and would also protect my yard and family, if
need be. After years of searching,  I finally found my perfect
breed - The ALAPAHA!!!
I was introduced to the breed in the late '90's by  a family
member - THE R.T. Coleman (ABBA President) of  Cattle
Rustler Kennels. "Doesn't Hurt being 1st Cousin to the MAN
who is responsible for making the breed what it is today!!!!"
The Alapaha was originally bred to be a working dog. That's
what we breed - working dogs. When looking for a loyal
companion and protector look no further than a Texas Outback
Kennels Alapaha. Our stock is loaded with the best of  the
Alapaha Breed.  Texas Outback  Pedigrees include the top
Alapaha Champions and Legends of the breed.
Texas Outback Kennels is a proud Advisor of the Alapaha
Blue-Blood Bulldog Association. All ABBA Bulldogs are DNA
tested to insure quality and protect against cross breeding.
Texas  Outback Kennels is the home of the 2011 National
Grand-Champion "CRK's Texas Drake" and 2012  Adult
Champion " CRK's Texas Blue Bonnet". Texas Outback
Kennels  breeding program speaks for itself.
We breed  for the betterment of the breed.
We had great success at the 2012 Purina Farms Show in St.
TOK's Sasha Fierce won International Puppy Champion .We
are looking forward to hosting the 2013 ABBA Texas Show
that will be held in Dallas.
We will be showing our upcoming Champions!!! And we will be
looking forward to seeing you.

To Learn more About the Alapaha Blue-Blood Bulldog browse
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    Bulldog Association
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