A deposit is required to hold your pup. Texas Outback Kennels requires a deposit to hold your
pup. Once a breeding is confirmed we will accept deposits for 1st , 2nd and 3rd picks.
The minimum deposit required is $500.00 per puppy and that is deducted
from the total cost of the pup.
This is done on a first come first serve basis.  The best way to reserve and pick your pup is
to speak to Ken Directly. He can be contacted @214.571.8574 or via the chat line.

Our pups go really fast and most of the time the pups are adopted before we even
have a chance to put up pictures.  
Adoption Cost and Fees

Our adoption fees vary depending on the breeding and cost we incur with that breeding.  This cost
does not include shipping. Shipping cost will vary depending on your location , however the
average cost of shipping is
$300.00.  You also have the option of picking you pup up from our
location in Dallas, Texas.

You may choose to pay for your puppy in full or using our recurring payment
plan.  You can make weekly payments until your puppy is paid for. Speak to Ken
about the payment plan option.
We accept US Postal Money Orders, Checks, Western Union
Send Money Order to: Ken Roberson ,
2815 Foreman St. Dallas Texas 75210
Pay below using Credit or Debit Card
CRK's Texas Drake of TOK
2011 National Grand Champion
2012  Adult Champion
CRK's Blue Bonnet of TOK
2012  Adult Champion
CRK's Nina
2013  Adult Champion
TOK's Guro
2013  Adult Champion
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